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How To Use Hashtags The Right Way

Hashtags. Almost everybody uses them, not everybody knows what they're doing. I put some tips and tricks together to help you grow your engagement and followers!

  • #Using #Hashtags in your #text is #making it #unnecessary #hard to #read. So just don't.

  • Use relevant niche and industry-specific hashtags, research them first to see how popular they are and find out which ones your competitors use.

  • Hide hashtags below your text by typing a dot (.) then press return. Repeat this 5 times and then place the hashtags under the 5th dot or put them immediately in the comment section right after you posted the post (type them all in a memo first, then copy/paste in the comment section directly after posting)

  • Don't use all the same # with every post. Instagram will think you're spamming.

  • Don't use spaces or punctuation marks because that simply doesn't work (#hash tags or #hash&tags versus #hashtags)

  • Don't use @ in a hashtag because that doesn't work either

  • Create your own memorable hashtag relevant to your content as a unique marketing tool

  • Use max. 30 hashtags on Instagram and 3-4 hashtags on Facebook

  • Add hashtags to your Stories through the sticker button (only one) or by adding them as a text (max.10)

  • Add only relevant # to your bio: it makes people click away from YOUR content and you don't want that unless it's a relevant hashtag

  • You can now follow hashtags, so make sure you follow the ones that are popular in your niche to keep up with what others do and of course follow the ones that you find interesting!



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