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PSVR Aim Controller's Defender Stock Review by DeonTheDirector

After hours and hours of playing Firewall, Farpoint and Doom VFR with the Defender Stock attached to his aim controller DeonTheDirector's conclusion is that it's a must have. He told me why!


- It's very strong and sturdy.

- It's adjustable so you can make it fit to your comfort. Although there's no recoil on the aim controller, it's still nice to rest the stock on your shoulder when aiming down the sights and resting it under your armpit when spray firing.


- It's a very user-friendly installation and only requires tightening two screws and putting padding strips on the stock itself. It took me a minute to find the way I like holding it but once I did it's a perfect addition.


- The design itself is fine but when you look closely you can see the flaws in the 3D printing. It doesn't have the smooth texture that you're used to when touching plastic. But don't let this stop you from purchasing this item, since it can be covered with gun decals and in the end you're wearing your VR glasses so you don't see it anyway.

- The colors match the other shades of gray on the aim controller which is cool.


- It really feels like you're holding the gun that you see in VR! It makes it even more immersive.

- Resting your head on the stock helps being more accurate when aiming down the sight and adds to your VR experience.

So with that being said... If you're looking for a stock I would recommend this one. So far this is the best one I've seen! It's a great product to expand your VR experience!

Check out the website to get one of your own!

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