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Oscyi The Mix Tape Mayor Of The 707 Did It Again!

Bay Area (CA, USA) lyricist Oscyi (Onlooker in a Society Capitalizing off of Years of Injustice) released his album “Verses since birth” in October '18. We'll go over a couple of the 10 tracks on the album just to give you a window of what you can expect.

The album starts off with the song named after the album. Right away you can hear the lyrical skills that Oscyi possesses. Don't let the simplicity and repetitiveness of this chorus throw you off, his bars make up for it. Bar for bar it's a dope song and the rhyming structure of each sentence is very methodical. In track no.4 "Keep it real" Oscyi focuses on a recurring subject 'living the life that you rap about', which we've heard on previous albums like The Burn't CD, Sonoma Blvd and Vallejo Rap OG. This is a strong subject for Oscyi. As a fan of Hip-Hop you want to feel the authenticity of the music that the person is rapping about because it's actually something that they see and live. The history of Hip-Hop has always been a portrait of the ghettos of America and Oscyi paints it like Picasso would've. In this album Oscyi continues to rhyme about his success through his eyes. Although he's not known as a mainstream artist, he has sold many albums via local corner stores in Vallejo, the Internet and literally out of the trunk of his car. As real Hip-Hop fans we believe that the ranking of an artist is not based on total album sales or mainstream success. In the track "Already On" Oscyi shows that he agrees with this and that it's about putting together authentic lyrics of your lifestyle and having fresh beats. In another two tracks "Better With Me" and "Roll up" Oscyi raps about two of his other loves: women and weed. Although the subjects 'money, hoes and clothes' pop up in his music, he also shows love to women and Mary Jane herself. As you continue through the album you'll hear some really cool interludes and Trip-Hop beats on tracks like "That N*gga", covered with Oscyi's signature voice and flow. One more thing we can mention are the features that he has, such as KOB, Chris Ca$h, Rich Tycoon and Fly Young Kick and the producers AttiXIV and Justinkase Music that he worked with.

Everything that we mentioned all together should be enough reason for you to check out the album for yourself!

Find Oscyi now on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram and stay tuned for his upcoming single "Top Shelf" feat. B-Legit, Indecent the Slapmaster and Siah!


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