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Deon the Director's Pro Tips For PlayStation VR Game “Firewall: Zero Hour”

Today Deon shares Pro Tips with you on how to be a better (team)player at the PlayStation VR game “Firewall: Zero Hour”. In this game two teams of four players battle against each other, either to attack and hack the laptop or defend it from being attacked and hacked.

"To avoid talking about the obvious, I will focus on Pro Solo Tips such as:

- rushing for position

- advanced movements

- taking damage

- recovery

- blind fire

- peeking and shooting

And Team Tips like:

- leadership

- call outs

- camera surveillance

- reviving

Let's get started with the SOLO TIPS!

We'll start off with rushing for position. When the game starts, look at your watch and switch it to the main map so you can see your position. You want to try to make a route to the center of the map. So be the first one out of the door. If you have a big gun, lift it vertically when going through doors because your gun can get stuck in the door and you'll not be able to fire accurately. It will take time to learn the maps but after you do, you will find the position on the map where the party starts. Learn this for each map. For example, the arrows by the door.

The next tip is about advanced movements. Once you're at the center of the map, make sure you take cover and watch corners and doorways. Once your see an enemy player: DO NOT fire unless it's a for sure or guaranteed kill. With most of the popular guns it takes at least 4 shots to kill somebody at long range, so try to sneak closer. Once you're close enough or someone shoots at you, return fire and take cover. If you take damage and your screen is red, stay in cover to regain health while aiming the direction of your enemy. Once you're recovered and your enemy is closer, pre-fire in the direction of your enemy as you leave cover.

In addition to what I said earlier, some more about taking damage and recovery. If your contractor has Bullet Sponge you can take a little more damage but be careful when your screen is red. Run for cover. You're not completely recovered until the red is gone, so try not to take any more damage by letting your team cover fire for you. Once you're fully recovered it takes less damage for you to go down. So take as less damage as possible by staying in cover and blind fire.

Blind firing is important, especially when you've already taken damage. Keep your body in cover if you are kneeling behind an object, lift your gun over the object and spray fire. If you are behind a corner keep your body in cover, extend your arms and spray fire around the corner. Keep an ear out for 'hit sounds'. If you hit someone, continue to fire. If not, peak before advancing.

With peeking and shooting it's important you stay in cover but peek with just your head while you put your gun down. Then you move your gun into position to fire and if you see contact: fire. If you don't put your gun down, it will hit the door, make sound and alert enemies. It will also get stuck in the door and you'll be an easy target.

Let's continue with TEAM TIPS!

Leadership is a very important tip in my opinion. Someone has to take the lead in guiding the team to the victory. Step 1: get everyone in the chat party. In game chat you can't hear each other across the map. Step 2 is for the leader: remind your team of changing contractors, load outs for attacking versus defending. Step 3: decide if you go as a group of 4, 2 by 2 or everyone doing their own thing. The leader also has to inform the rest of the team how many enemies there are left. The game does this but it's not accurate. So it becomes a job of the leader.

Call outs are crucial, they let the team know the location and position of the enemies. Keep the party chat line silent so call outs can be heard and understood. Try to keep your team mates calm by not screaming and keeping your nerves under control. Do not scream 'behind you behind you!!'.... There are several types of call outs, but limit yourself to as few as possible and as much information as possible in a short command. For example: 'two players on right', instead of 'there are two type of players on your right hand side'. Work together as a team and create commands together.

If you've played this game once, then you know that when you die you are put on camera surveillance. Watching the cameras is important, because you can cover your team mates' back and make good call outs so they know the position and location of the enemies. As camera surveillance, pressing up on the directional pad allows you to see the camera closest to your team mate. Down lets you see the laptop camera only if the firewall hasn't been hacked. If the firewall has been hacked, you cannot see the laptop camera. Left and right allows you to switch between every camera on the map. In the top right hand corner of your screen the camera has a name. Make sure you report the name of the camera that you see enemies on and the direction they're moving in, so you keep your team mates up to date.

The only thing that I want to say about reviving is: do it whenever possible. Make it easy on yourself by cover firing the direction of the enemy that downed your team mate while moving closer. Once you've gotten closer to your team mate, throw a grenade or a flash bang, quickly aim at your player and hold the X button to revive. Once the revive has been completed, continue cover fire as you get out of dodge".

Thanks for reading Deons's Pro Tips! If this helped you out in any way, please leave a like. If you're interested in more detailed Pro Tips, comment below!

Check out Deon's Pro Tip Video below, follow him on Facebook and Youtube and - last but not least - don't forget to add him on the game! (deonthedirector)


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