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DeonTheDirector Firewall Pro Tips Part II

What's up everybody! First of all thanks for the response of Deon's previous pro tips video. Your input and remarks inspired him to make another pro tips video. So let's dive right in!

"This time I'm going to focus on more advanced movement tips like:

- bullet dodging

- corner leaning and shooting

- what to do with laptop camping enemy team

- finding and hiding signal jammers

- flanking

- enemy movement prediction

Let's go start off with bullet dodging. When you're running, don't stop and start firing but find cover first. It's better to dodge the bullets and take cover than to stay out in the open. Once you've found cover by dodging bullets and your health is recovered, peek to see if the enemy is still there. If the enemy is still there, lean the corner with your head and the gun only. Take aim at enemy target and fire. Corner leaning comes in handy especially when you're already taking damage or approaching enemies don't know you're there.

If you've searched the map and you don't see any enemies, hack the firewall to find the location of the laptop. It is most likely that enemies are camping laptop area or laptop room. When this happens, approach with caution. Two teammates should approach from one direction and the other two from the opposite direction. Communicate with your teammates and breech doors at the same time. If the leading teammate goes down, DO NOT revive right away. As mentioned in my previous video, cover fire grenade or flash bang, revive and either attack or retreat.

Finding the jammers. Once the last enemy has been killed, the clock drops to one minute. If you haven't hacked the firewall already, decide which member will run to the firewall, which member will go below or above the laptop room and which member will go to the laptop room directly. If you're playing with a team you've played with before, the jobs should be clear already (to save time). Also the person at the laptop should not try to activate the laptop when the screen is red. When the laptop is ready, the screen will be black. Trying to hack the laptop when it's red will cause noise in the headphones for people searching for signal jammers. Once you've gotten into your position, circle the room until you hear the beeping of the jammer. If you don't hear the beep, avoid researching places you've been already. Alert your teammates that it's not in your location. Once you've located the beep, stop in your position. Find out in which ear you hear the beep. Left ear means the signal jammer is left, right ear means the signal jammer is on your right. Once you hear the beep in both ears look up and down. Then you should be able to locate it very easy. If you do not find it, check the opposite side of the wall that you're facing. Hiding the jammers. I personally am not very good at hiding jammers. But lucky for me my teammates are. The advice I get from them, is trial and error. Also learning from the spots you've found jammers. Some maps allow you to be very creative, some not so much. The whole point of the jammer is to make your enemy team take longer to hack the laptop. Another tip: don't take longer than 10 seconds to drop your jammer. By that time the enemy team is nearby. Drop those jammers and go!

Flanking. I believe I can make a 30 minute video just on flanking alone. But I'm going to squeeze as much as I can in this Pro Tip Video. First let me explain what flanking is, for those who might not know. Flanking is when you're face to face with an enemy but then you round the outside of the map to get behind them. Flanking requires you to have a good understanding of the maps. You'll learn this as you go. To perform a successful flank, you need to create the illusion you're still there when in fact you've been running around the map. Keep in mind that if any enemies have been eliminated they can see you on the cameras. So also learn camera positions and avoid the cameras as much as possible. Run the outside of the map preferably with the fast movement perk. Your teammates that have been eliminated, or teammates alive when you began your flank, should keep you updated on enemies positions and whether it's OK to continue the flank or not. Once you get behind the enemies and you see them, don't fire right away unless you see them all because you don't want to be shot in the back when you flank!

Last but not least I want to give a special tip that everyone can use. I call it Enemy movement prediction. It's basically trying to guess the direction the enemy is going. For instance: once I see an enemy, I will toss a flashbang or grenade which will make the enemy advance towards you or run away from you. I'm not really sure how to explain this, it's just something that comes with a lot of practice. In the video below I show you what I'm talking about. I hope you learned some more pro tips. Please leave a like and comment suggestions for future videos! In my next video I will do gun reviews and gun techniques.

Peace out, see ya later!"


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