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DeonTheDirector Reviews PlayStation VR Goggles

Since October '17 Deon Cooper is the proud owner of PlayStation Virtual Reality Goggles. He was so excited about it that I had to interview him. Let's jump right in!

Isn't it heavy and uncomfortable to have on your head and what about motion sickness? "I think it is very comfortable. By the looks of it I thought it would be heavy and feel like a helmet but that is not the case. More like snorkels. I have used it for hours and had no issues with comfort. I have friends who also own the PSVR and they complain about motion sickness. I started off with motionless games and videos to allow my brain to get used to what it is experiencing. Roller coasters, flying, and driving games were a problem at first but there are a lot of settings available to fix that. Now I'm experiencing no problems at all".

How is the quantity and quality of VR games and videos? "To be very honest and not bias I will admit there are only about 10 high quality VR games from PlayStation out now, and about 5 more soon to be released. As a gamer that is not a lot to choose from, but those 10 that are available are awesome. From Resident Evil 7 (Horror) to Driveclub VR (Sport) to VR Worlds (Game compilation) it is a must. There are thousands of VR high quality videos and experiences out there though. As a person who loves to travel and experience new things, I get to go places with PSVR and experience things I might not ever get the chance to in real life and revisit places I have been.. Let me tell you this is the next best thing so far. In PSVR I have seen the inside of the White House and had questions answered by Barack and Michelle Obama. I also walked with the wild animals in Africa, swam with sharks, have seen rare species of animals in the deepest parts of the ocean, and so much more. It is truly amazing".

Don't you think it's expensive? Just the goggles alone cost $300. "Well kind of I guess but it was worth every penny for me. It was more of an investment. Again the experiences, the documentaries where I have gained so much knowledge, the relaxing on beaches. So much cheaper than the plane tickets would have been. You can find the whole bundle second hand for as low as $200 - $300 if you search on the internet".

You said you use it often, do you ever get tired of it? "Some of the games are really short and once you complete them you loose interest, but there is so much more out there and new content coming this year (2018)".

Is there anything you don't like about it? "The lack of couch/internet multiplayer games sucks. There are a few but could be more. Also there could be more VR movies".

What are 5 things people must do when they get PSVR for the first time? 1: Settings and adjustments for comfort. If you don't you will not like it and will get sick fast. Look at the manual or just play with the different settings to find what works for you.

2. Download VR Worlds. It comes as a free download. It is a compilation of 5 games and it is pretty cool. The London Heist is worth the download alone.

3. Search YouTube VR. Parachute from an airplane, check out the view from Earths tallest mountains, walk the Great Wall of China, or travel to outer space and learn about our solar system.

4. Give Resident Evil 7 a try (if you like horror). It is definitely the best thing I have done yet. Just remind yourself it is just a video game and you'll be OK. Oh and keep an extra pair of underwear close because its pretty scary.

5. Write a review. There are a lot of people on the fence with buying PSVR.

Any last words? "Check out my streams on Facebook and YouTube. Feel free to ask me questions in the comments, I'll see you in VR, and enjoy!"


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