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The Main Reason Why You Should Become A Professional Writer

Basically everyone is a writer. Think of emails, grocery lists, forms that you have to fill out, texts and social media posts. But when you decide that you want to be a professional writer, I'd like to give you a piece of advice: write because YOU love to write. Only intrinsic motivations will keep you going in the long run.

Make sure you find out what your fundamentals are because they will always be there to fall back on. This could be because you think writing is fun, because it's like a therapy to you, because you're curious about certain topics, you name it. Having that clear is a life saver on bad days when you're afraid that no one likes what you write, when you feel like there's no audience for your writings, when it seems like no one understands the point that you're trying to make or when you feel discouraged because there's no instant (financial) reward. You wrote it for YOU. Your true audience will find you. Trust me.

The main reason why you should become a professional writer is because YOU love to write!


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