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All-round Communications Professional
based in Los Angeles, CA

  • SEO copywriting/editing

  • Wix web design

  • Social media management

  • Translations Dutch/English

I'll help you build a strong online presence for you & your business!

I'm based in Los Angeles and work remotely for almost all my clients who are all over the world.

Check out my services to see what I can do for you!


Connecting and collaborating is only one mouse click away, so let's get in touch!


Former Co-host on the podcast "I'm Just Sayin'" with the late and great

Dionne Johnson 

Life Stories with Marianne - Interview with Kimeko Campbell
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Creator and host of

"Life Stories with Marianne"

Captured Heirlooms

Video autobiographies that can be passed down from generation to generation so that future generations will know about their ancestral history, created by me and my husband Deon "The Director" Cooper

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Kimberly Perdue-Sims.jpg

Kimberly Perdue-Sims -

Owner Real Sister Creations, Writer

Marianne's path crossed mine when we became members and contributors of Sistahs With Ink Anthology. Her writing skills, creativity and voice made her story a standout. Through the years her talented writing and razor sharp editing skills have ensured satisfaction among her clients. I highly recommend her for all aspects of your literary needs. 


Iris Engelsman

Iris Engelsman - 

Policy Developer and Project Leader Diversity, Writer

In her work as a reporter for the international conference 'Polarization and Radicalization in Society' (Groningen, The Netherlands) and as an editor for the book 'Awareness, Discrimination in Groningen' (Groningen, The Netherlands) I have come to know Marianne as a very commited, involved, professional and accurate writer who goes beyond the assignment and delivers work that is not only assigned and expected, but also hoped for. In my opinion it is because she is able to dig into and grasp the essence of different subjects. She is an excellent technical writer and editor and as a bonus, she also puts her heart in her work. With Marianne you know the job will be done, and more than that, it will be done with soul! 

Rion Rijker

Rion Rijker - 

IT Lawyer and Entrepreneur

I have known Marianne for a very long time and in this time I have seen her grow from a recreative writer, that has been writing since age six, to a well-rounded professional that understands her customer's needs. Marianne always brings her A-game to the projects she is involved in. I know her as somebody that works well under pressure and always delivers good quality work. She has a unique talent of making words and sentences more than a collection of letters, she really brings the text to life. I would definitely recommend Marianne if you want somebody who can bring to life what you are trying to convey!


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