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Pearl Jam Women of Empowerment Awards 2021

On January 19th 2021 I had the honor of receiving the Pearl Jam Women of Empowerment Award for the work that I have done to empower and enhance my community, in particular in my work as a Communications Director for the podcast show "I'm Just Sayin" with social justice fighter Dionne Johnson. The award show was hosted by Calvin C Winbush II and the women who received an award - besides Lil' Ol' Me - were Michelle King, Grace Yoo, Jane Bond, Just Liv, Kalyn Risker Fahie, La Faye Baker, Sherri Onica Valle Cole, Dallas Fowler, Andrea Anthony, Dianne Shorte and Denise Minns Harris.

Why is it called the Pearl Jam Awards? "The Pearl is extremely unique unlike diamonds, rubies, emeralds and more, pearls require no cutting or polishing before use and are simply stunning the way they naturally form"...

Check out the video below and enjoy an awesome show with all these amazingly talented and dedicated women! In case you're in a hurry, skip to 1:27:00 - 1:42:40 to see me!


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